Want to Declutter Your Life and Downsize Your Home While You Still Can?

Are you a baby boomer that is living in a home that either no longer serves you or with a house full of stuff you no longer want or need? Do you want to declutter your life and eliminate your stuff so you can be ready to move when it's time? Have you tried doing this on your own with no real results?

The Declutter to Downsize Challenge starts January 4, 2021 and may be just for you. This Challenge is a step-by-step, day-to-day, monthly journey that will get you started, and keep you on track so you finish the job once and for all.

This is not your average course about decluttering. This is a SYSTEM designed for baby boomers who want to downsize to sell because you have a bigger dream of how you want to live your best years, or you want to stay put but be ready to move when the time comes (and it will come).

Either way, Declutter to Downsize will help you do it faster, easier, more efficiently, and with less stress than you could do on your own. You'll follow a DAILY system that will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and stuck, you'll learn how to stay on track and what to do when you go down the rabbit hole.



How Did You End Up With So Much Stuff?

Believe me when I tell you that you are not alone in having too much stuff and no clue on how to get started eliminating it.

Storage facilities are a $154 billion dollar industry. The home organization game is at $8 billion dollars. We spend money to contain our things and then more money to store them.

Most people have too much stuff and begin to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and defeated when it's time to eliminate their possessions. But when it's a baby boomer, who has a limited number of good years left, it's especially stressful.

If You are Exhausted Trying to Figure All of This Out - I Have News for You!

There is one thing you are missing in your decluttering efforts. You thought that decluttering to downsize was easy enough. After all, how hard can it be? You go through your stuff, make a decision whether to keep it or toss it, and voila.

The Problem

Remember the day you said you were going to work on that bedroom no one has even stepped into in the last 5 years? So you opened the door with good intentions, but by lunch, you'd had numerous interruptions and were distracted way too many times, gone down a rabbit hole more than once, and then cried your eyes out over something silly that seriously choked you up.

This is exactly where I was on my journey when I was decluttering to downsize my house. How hard can this be? No matter how many books I bought (like I needed another book) and how much googling I did, I couldn't crack the code on the declutter to downsize process. Maybe you're feeling the same way.

I'm here to tell you it's not your fault. But worse than that, you think you are the only one having this problem. You have tried and failed numerous times before. You feel like you're trapped in a bad situation with no way out.

I don't blame you at all for wanting to give up - it's an uphill battle. After trying so many different things myself, I was ready to give up, too!

My AHA Moment

But then after talking to a real estate client who said he couldn't have gotten through the downsizing process without me, I had my "aha moment."

He made me realize the one thing I helped everyone else with - that I didn't even see myself. What I discovered was sellers all had one thing in common. They all wanted me to tell them exactly what to do.

That was 2007. The real estate market was bad - homes weren't selling, Home Staging was just beginning to blow up and I owned the busiest Home Staging company in the area. I would consult with sellers one on one and give them a plan to get their homes ready for the market.

Home Staging was a somewhat new concept to most sellers and Realtors. They didn't know what to do and wanted a plan or system that would tackle such a huge task that they were facing. Sellers would go from one thing to another and by the end of the day, they felt like they hadn't accomplished much of anything - because they hadn't. My job was to provide them with a punch list of things to do after walking through their homes with them and explaining things as we went. I charge $150 for this service day after day.

How could I put all of my tips, tricks, and strategies into an organized, easy system that people could get through - faster, more efficiently, and with less stress?

I took everything people told me that they struggled with (most of it was clutter related) and turned it into a guide that I called my "Move Management System" (it's still offered on my real estate website). In essence, it was a decluttering action plan that I turned into an actionable system - with or without accountability.

That was the beginning of Declutter to Downsize.

The More Stuff You Own, The More Your Stuff Owns You

What if You Had a Plan?

Imagine if you had a plan to declutter your home faster - would it be worth it to you? What if you could jumpstart your day with specific instructions of what to do to get started so you would never have to feel stuck again?

How is This Different than Other Decluttering Plans?

Unlike other decluttering plans that talk about decluttering to organize, this system works because it's for you baby boomers who are not organizing. You are going through the painstaking process of purging your things one by one and eliminating a house full of memories with the end goal of downsizing in mind - with a potential move at some point.

Did You Know?

Statistics show there are over 300,000 items in the average American home?



DECLUTTER TO DOWNSIZE covers everything a baby boomer needs to know about how to eliminate a house full of worldly possessions and forgotten treasures. When you embark on this journey, it will be like no other. You are preparing yourself for your next chapter, no matter where it may take you, by simplifying your life now - while you're still capable of doing the work and making decisions. This is your responsibility - don't leave it for someone else to sort through!

P.S. Your kids do not want your stuff - ask them. I'll wait...just make the call.


This is an online 12 month decluttering challenge for Baby Boomers that want to eliminate the things they no longer want and need, while they still can, so they will be ready to move on to their best years when it's time and at a moment's notice.

Here's What You Get:


This is your personal journey. If you want to move to the beach, so be it. It's the best years of your life - so live them.

You'll get started by filling out your welcome packet and answer some questions about your goals for the Challenge. From where you are now, to where you want to be, so we can help you get there. Your BIG WHY plays an important part in the success you'll have. We won't let you forget WHY you're doing this!


You will receive your Monthly Challenge a few days before the end of each month. There will also be a daily task sheet as well as any strategies that will help you complete the Monthly Challenge.

The current month is all you have to focus on at any one time. Overwhelm starts to set in when you look at the whole big picture. Baby steps are here for baby boomers. If you do a different plan, you will get different results.


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We already know you'll be going down a rabbit hole or two when starting to declutter to downsize your home. It's natural. Thankfully we've helped hundreds of other baby boomers go through the process. We know what you'll encounter and we will provide you with the tools and systems to get you right back on track. Some days will be harder than others. Stay focused and the end result will be so worth it!


Making decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of is the #1 thing people complain about when they try decluttering their home on their own. With our easy to learn method, you'll be making decisions faster than ever and often times without thinking twice. The more you work at it, the better you will get. Hopefully, you'll start looking forward to eliminating things you no longer want or need.


What is a Challenge without others? Your private FB group is a community that will support and encourage you, a place to share funny stories about your stuff, your personal victories or breakthroughs, or just ask a question. Just when you think things can't get any worse, you'll read something about what someone else is going through and you'll start feeling better about your own situation.


We will meet weekly on Zoom to check in and check up on everyone and to answer questions, review the previous week, and check out what's ahead for the upcoming week. The calls will be recorded, so if you can't make the call, you can watch at your leisure. LEISURE? What leisure - you should be busy decluttering!


What Others Have to Say:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"WOW. I received the best decluttering advice from Melinda. After years of procrastinating, she helped me understand the real meaning behind things so I could make quick decisions on my own. I couldn't have downsized without her! "

JEFF signing his papers after selling his house
Procrastinated for 3 years

client after closing on his home with Melinda Bartling

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Melinda was a breath of fresh air. We needed to know how to get through the things in our home - quickly. A neighbor introduced us to Melinda and our lives were forever changed. Her advice was worth her weight in GOLD. Do what she says and you'll quickly be on your way to living a life of freedom - free of your stuff!"

Downsized in 1 month

happy couple who sold and downsized their home with Melinda Bartling

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"After my husband passed away, I wanted to move. Melinda shifted me into high gear and I was able to breeze through things without being so emotional. Her insight on decluttering and why I kept getting stuck was the key to my success."

Finished her downsize in 3 weeks after learning the secrets of making decisions.

client after downsizing her house with Melinda Bartling

“I was feeling so down in the dumps about getting through all the stuff in my house. I wanted to move out of town to be closer to my grandchildren but I felt trapped and overwhelmed. Melinda actually stopped by, brought me a little rabbit hole snack kit and told me to quit making excuses, get off my you know what and get to work. I just needed a little nudge and she said she would be back to check on me. That was all I really needed. Even though I was doing the work, I knew she was looking out for me. What a blessing she is. Take what she tells you to do and run with it. Her advice got me motivated, kept me going and I couldn't wait to let her know I was done! ”


Stuck for 6 years

arlene and granddaughter

No Matter Where You're At

Declutter to Downsize is for all baby boomers no matter where you're starting. Maybe you've made some accomplishments on your own (yay!), maybe you've never made an attempt. It doesn't matter. Some of you will have more work, some less. This is your journey. If you're married, you both can work on the daily, weekly and monthly challenges.

Every day will be a new challenge. If you don't have that item or area, work on something you didn't complete or take the day off. We never suggest working ahead unless you already know the steps and strategies involved.

So much of getting through your house is mindset, strategy and getting out of your own way. You will be working on all of those things every single day throughout the Challenge until your transformation is complete! We hope you feel like a new person, living on your terms by the end of 2021!

Taking it Online

Due to Covid, I knew I needed to shift my current Move Management System into an online course. I wanted to be able to accommodate as many baby boomers as possible, knowing they would all be on a different journey.

The 1st offering of the Declutter to Downsize System is the Declutter to Downsize Challenge 2021. It was created after helping hundreds of other baby boomers struggle with getting through their own things and knowing there were hundreds of others that needed help.

The information in this Challenge is based on what I have studied, dissected, and learned from my clients in over 30+ years of experience in selling real estate, home staging, and downsizing.

Declutter to downsize expert, Melinda Bartling

A Word From Melinda

I love helping baby boomers declutter their lives to downsize their homes. Living large is what your goal should be, whether you're going to do something unheard of (like buying an RV and hitting the road) or maybe just to move south to enjoy the climate as you age.

I did it and you can, too!

This is about your next chapter. We all have so many "good years" left. How do you want to spend yours? Hopefully not sitting around babysitting your stuff that you no longer care about. Where would you be if you could pick up today and be there tomorrow?

What would your life look like? We all know what's stopping you. This Challenge will teach you how to get through the roadblocks and get you on to your dreams.



How Much Time is Needed?

The time required each day, will depend on your home and how much you have to declutter and eliminate. The goal is to be done with one week of challenges before the next week begins.

How Fast Can I Expect to Get Results?

You will get results as soon as you start. After the 1st month, you will see considerable results.

What is the Month's Challenge Doesn't Pertain to Me?

What if the monthly challenge is the garage and I don't have a garage? There will always be an alternative challenge you can take. That will be explained in your Monthly Strategy Sheets.

What Kind of Support Can I Get if I Get Stuck?

The private Facebook Group Page is available for asking questions anytime they arise. You may not get a response at 3 a.m. but who knows...you might. There is also a weekly live call where you can ask any questions you may have. The call will be recorded and sent to you if you weren't able to attend. You can also send an email to help@downsizingbabyboomers.com

Is Everything Available Immediately?

No. We send the Monthly Calendar, Daily Task, and Strategy Sheets out via email to arrive before the 1st of each month. That way you don't get overwhelmed with a year's worth of tasks to do when you're already starting out overwhelmed with the decluttering. Baby steps and following the system is what produces results.

Anything Else I Need to Buy?

I suggest you buy a 3 ring binder and at least 12 dividers (one for each month). You will receive a Supplies Checklist once you sign up. It's just supplies for storing, packing, etc.

Is There a Guarantee?

If you do the work, you will get the results. I cannot guarantee you will do the work. If you are not 100% satisfied with the Declutter to Downsize Challenge within 30 days of signing up, I will offer you a full refund. No refunds will be honored after 30 days.

Why Wait? Sign up Today!

Why procrastinate another day? Haven't you been putting this off long enough? You are going to learn to make quick decisions about your stuff. Why not make your first quick decision and sign up today? You can join the Declutter to Downsize Challenge right now for a whole year for less than a latte a week. That's less than $4 a week! What are you waiting for?

Questions? Please send email to melinda@downsizingbabyboomers.com.

baby boomers experience after decluttering their lives and downsizing their homes

$197 for the year